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RPG Designs provides everything you need to promote your business website to a global audience. Our website development firm specializes in web design, search engine optimization, website optimization, website marketing, web hosting & custom business applications.

Its our goal to add value to each web design and our client relationship continues long after the website goes live.

Free Website Analysis

Free website needs analysis

Before you undertake any Web initiative, it’s essential to gain a clear, objective assessment of what is in place today, what’s working, what isn’t working, and how you stack up against competitor efforts. The Website Analysis provides an explicit, objective, granular audit of your Web site and strategy. We help you leverage your Web site investment by identifying any sub-optimal practices, providing a basis for prioritizing efforts and documenting your intentions for managing the change process. An Analysis is like a report card for your Web site.


  • Identify your key areas where you site can improve
  • See how your site is positioned against key competitors
  • Determine how your site can be more user friendly
  • Assess your sites position on search engines and how much exposure you're getting


Why you need a website analysis:

A website analysis helps you identify where your site can be improved and is the foundation of creating an effective customer and ROI-driven Web site.


arrows Want a complimentary website review before investing in a detailed analysis report?


How the website analysis works

website analsyisUsing seven key objective metrics, our analysts assess the effectiveness of your public site. The report is derived from the Digital Cube Business Model, along with experimental results, professional standards, industry best-practices, and case studies. We measure the effectiveness of your site, and competitor sites you select and compare those scores with an externally validated reference set of standards and effective public site practices.

The Digital Cube focuses on the seven key factors for success for converting site visitors into customers

Public Site Categories

  • Home Page Usability
  • Site Usability
  • General Information
  • Customer Support
  • Account Management
  • Marketing
  • Transaction
  • Site Visibility
  • Use of Technology
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Globalization


Once we learns where and how your site conforms to or differs from best practices, we make actionable recommendations - both strategic and tactical - for improving the effectiveness of your site. We document – in explicit detail -- the challenges and opportunities that your public site faces. In this manner, the report becomes a vehicle for prioritizing the design and development activities you need to execute, acting as the blueprint for change. It communicates functional requirements to designers and developers and serves as the set of criteria for auditing the resulting implementation against the original requirements.

Scope of the website analysis

  1. Select categories and websites to audit
  2. Conduct category audits of selected websites
  3. Document compliance and deviations from the category reference sets
  4. Analyze the results and organize examples
  5. Develop recommendations in three areas: basic, mission-critical, and strategic
  6. Prepare deliverables in multiple formats for multiple requirements:
    • One day on-site engagement to present results, answer questions, discuss solutions
    • Powerpoint presentation with summary results, recomendations, hundreds of example screen shots
    • PDF file of detailed analysis results.

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